Pekanbaru District Attorney Looking for corruption case fugitives

SUMBARNET.COM - The Pekanbaru District Prosecutor's Office has designated Fauzan as a fugitive. Currently, the Adhyaksa Corps is hunting and tracing the whereabouts of the former PMBRW Assistant in Tenayan Raya District, on (20/05/2021).

Fauzan is one of the suspected corruption suspects in the implementation of Community Empowerment activities based on Citizenship and Village Fund, Tenayan Raya Subdistrict for the 2019 Fiscal Year. same. Currently, the former Tenayan Raya sub-district head has been brought to trial. 

In the investigation of the case which caused state financial losses amounting to Rp. 493,486,858, the prosecutor has several times summoned Fauzan properly and properly, to be examined, both as a witness and in the process. capacity as a suspect. But the person concerned never came, and his whereabouts are unknown. 

“We have properly summoned the suspect several times. This means we have taken him directly to his house, and also to the head of the RT where he lives, "said Head of the Pekanbaru Kejari (K Guru) Andi Suharlis through the Head of Section (Kasi) for Special Crimes (Pidsus) Yunius Zega, Wednesday (19/5). 

"We have made the summons 3 times," he continued. 

Regarding this, the Adhyaksa Corps then appointed Fauzan as DPO. Fauzan has been assigned a fugitive status since April 26, 2021. 

“After we made the proper summons 3 times, legally we were justified, we were given the opportunity to once again do business against him by establishing him as a DPO, List of Wanted People, "said the prosecutor who is familiarly called Zega, while saying that his party had reported this to the Riau High Prosecutor's Office (Kejati) and the Adhyaksa Monitoring Center (AMC) in Jakarta. 

" We also made arrest assistance. We have distributed it to the Danramil, Kapolsek, Kapolres, Koramil, Babinsa, Head of Dukcapil, Camat, and Village Head, where he is, "continued the former Kasi General Criminal (Pidum) Kejari Dumai. 

On that occasion, Zega also hopes for an active role for the community. If he finds out about Fauzan's whereabouts, he will ask to be conveyed to his party. 

"If anyone knows of his whereabouts, we ask to be informed. There is our contact number. We will be ready to launch whenever and wherever he is, ”Zega hoped. 

The telephone numbers that can be contacted are 081369957599, 08127544919, 085262244423, or 081223022230. 

It is known that Fauzan is a resident of Jalan Gunung Bungsu, Gunung Bungsu Village, XIII Koto Kampar District, Kampar Regency. It corresponds to his National Identity Card (KTP). 

This 29-year-old man is about 160 centimeters tall, has curly hair, and brown skin. In addition, he has a fat body, a big belly and chubby cheeks. 

Source: Head of intelligence at the PKU Prosecutor's Office 

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